RuggMate is a business unit of Winmate Communications Inc., focused on the vertical market for marine products only.

The main product lines of the RuggMate business unit are:

Marine Bridge System Display
Marine Panel Computer
Electronic Navigation System

and accessories for ship building or ship upgrading as well as harbor management or other sea-side or harsh environments.

RuggMate products are qualified and certified by the very strict testing procedures of the DNV Organization (det norske veritas), one of the view certification institutions which is worldwide acknowledged for Marine grade products.

All RuggMate products are designed and produced in house to assure the best ever quality. The ISO9001 standard applies not only to the production process, but also to the organization as well as to the product development. All marine products are RoHS conform to save our environment. Since January 2008 we are QC080000 certified to keep our quality standards on the highest level.

With various long-term testing, the RuggMate products passed the very harsh salt / mist testing and proved their perfect sealing as well as the right choice of material and coating for withstanding corrosion in the maritime environment.

Our Products are a cost effective solution for your maritime need, if you are looking for a long-term stable product for a reasonable price.

RuggMate has the only DNV certified marine product family designed, developed and produced in Taiwan, according to highest quality standards.

RuggMate - Born to fit the demands of Maritime Applications:

Ship Automation

Why RuggMate? 

RuggMate product’s have following features for excellent match to the marine using:

    1. Transflective Panel – for sunlight readability
    2. HyperDimming – for perfect dim down the LCD for the Night, or dim up in the sun light
    3. OSD Front Panel – for easy adjust your settings for a perfect picture
    4. IP65 sealing – to be protected when a storm and strong wind push your boat thru the water
    5. Multi-Scan Video – to automatically detect your Signal and display the best Picture for you
    6. High Quality Touch Screen – for easy controlling your Software with a finger tip
    7. Wide-Voltage-Range Input – to make installation easy and less costly
    8. Anti-Corrosion Protection – to be your long reliable product for daily use in every weather
    9. 8” – 23”Various Sizes available – flexible for your needs and spaces on the Bridge
    10. LCD or with PC – your choice if you only need an LCD or combine it into a cost effective PPC

The over 10 years experience of Winmate Communication Inc. in industrial business is giving this business unit the perfect backbone for a long-term and stable growing.

Winmate was founded in 1994 and became a leading Industrial Solution Provider with excellence in display technology and embedded PC design. Combined with the mechanical design and competence of IP sealed Products, Winmate finally bring out the marine grade products in Summer 2007 and got the DNV certification as approval for the maritime using in November / December 2007.

Since October 2007 Winmate is listed in the Taiwan stock market and praised for the excellent financial management and the outstanding performance in extending the market share.

If you want to know more about Winmate, please visit our homepage: www.winmate.com.tw